Vini Conti dal 1930Vini Conti dal 1930
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Vista panoramica del Castello a Montespertoli

About us

Foto storica dell'Azienda Agricola Ripalta Conti family for generations is dedicated to the production and marketing of wines from the Montespertoli hills.

In 1999, the master winemaker Roberto Conti decided to assume full management of the family vineyards, has since started a business renewal strategy, aiming at a continuous improvement of quality with the aid of traditional techniques and modern technology.

The passion for this activity handed down from generation to generation, so in 2011 Edoardo Conti joined his father in the management of the vineyards: experience and innovation, tradition and innovation, the wisdom of the fathers together with the energy of the youth, with this in mind we look at the tomorrow.