Vini Conti dal 1930Vini Conti dal 1930
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Veduta del vitigno dell'Azienda Agricola Ripalta dalle colline di Montespertoli

Wholesale distribution

Vini Conti dal 1930

Since 1930, the Vini Conti S.a.s. carries on business of marketing of wines.

The registered office is situated in Montespertoli, Viale Matteotti 51 (Florence).
Phone and Fax +39 0571 609519

Retail distribution

Il fiaschetto

Hello, my name is Il Fiaschetto, I’m a little wine shop in Montespertoli, nestled among the Chianti vineyards.
In the past, people were used to go to the farms to buy bulk wine from farmers: they filled the demijohns, then the wine was put in flasks and drunk together...maybe in front of a nice plate of “spaghetti” or a “bistecca”! Today we want to go back to the past!
So...Come with demijohns, bottles, flasks... we will fill them and you will pay only the wine!

At "Il Fiaschetto" you can find several qualities of wine bulk (Merlot, Barrique, Sirah, Rosso Toscano, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio..), and -of course- the excellent wine from Montespertoli’s hills! Moreover: bag in box, extra virgin oil, bottles of prestigious wine, local products… and many gift ideas!! Come and visit me, I’m waiting for you!